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Our approach

A new focus

Traditionally, society has made significant investments of time and resources in policies, institutions and rules as a means of producing better decisions in the public sector.  Yet decisions are made by people  – and human beings are influenced not just by policiies, rules and institutional structures but by a host of other internal and external forces that are not widely understood.


Tools that empower for the good of society

The central hypothesis of Cambridge Governance Labs is that the conceptual tools we have to understand our world have a direct bearing on how we perceive situations, how we frame the issues, what we consider important and what we decide.

"What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning."          Werner Heisenberg

The tools of understanding that we develop shine a light on otherwise invisible dynamics and forces that act upon decision-makers.  These tools help them to develop a deeper understanding of root causes of their problems and to formulate more focused objectives and more strategic collective goals.



A more holistic strategy

We believe that empowering public decision-makers to make good decisions on behalf of their populations is only half the story.  If we don't equip citizens to choose and judge their leaders in an informed way, and recognise when authority is being misused, then citizens remain disempowered and it is easy to take advantage of them.

Good governance relies on the right balance of power between society and its leaders.  Our objective is to equip citizens and leaders alike to make better decisions for the good of society and to work more harmoniously towards common objectives, including the observance of international standards of conduct.



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