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Our values

We promote good governance

We believe that good governance is a cross-cutting competence that underpins and determines the success of collective human endeavour in virtually every sector.  It is a central tenet of Cambridge Governance Labs that good governance depends on responsible decision-making and that good governance cannot be achieved if key elements of decision-making are overlooked and left to chance.


Citizens are entitled to good decisions

Cambridge Governance Labs proceeds from the principle that the best interests of citizens remain at all times the central objective of public decision-making.  We believe that responsible decision-making is a basic human right.  It is the key to the realisation of so many other human rights. 



The needs of users direct our efforts

Cambridge Governance Labs takes the needs of end users (decision-makers in specific contexts) as its point of reference at all stages of its work:  

  1. We source knowledge that empowers decision-makers to better understand and perform their duties.  
  2. We look to package that knowledge in language and formats that are accessible to target audiences.  
  3. We partner with people and institutions that are embedded in local cultures and know how to transmit information in a respectful and effective manner.  


We focus on root causes not symptoms

We seek to help decision-makers overcome the challenges facing them by equipping them with the tools needed to perceive and grapple with root causes.  We take seriously our responsibility to promote a deeper understanding of the forces that operate in society, empowering decision-makers to adopt a more strategic approach to their work.  


We value collaboration and sharing of information

We believe that knowledge shared is more useful than knowledge closely held.  We welcome collaboration between academics and practitioners in building up a pool of knowledge relevant to decision-makers.  We also bridge across disciplines, geographical boundaries, institutions and cultures to develop practical tools for dissemination.  


We practise what we preach

We are committed to providing transparent financial and operational oversight systems including monitoring and feedback mechanisms in order to be accountable to end users, partners, colleagues and supporters.  


We protect our objectivity and independence

Cambridge Governance Labs has no political or ideological affiliation or agenda other than to promote good governance through the use of practical tools that strengthen responsible decision-making.


We pursue results-oriented strategies

We seek to maximise real-world effects by concentrating on tools that have high impact and by adopting strategies that disseminate these tools as widely as possible.



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