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Through a variety of interdisciplinary events, Cambridge Governance Labs seeks to:

  • gather and share research and practical studies that provide insights relevant to the production of practical tools for decision-makers
  • create opportunities for researchers to benefit from new partnerships across disciplines that do not traditionally intersect
  • stimulate new lines of academic enquiry 

Funding is being sought for the following events.


Lunchtime Forums

Lunchtime forums will bring together invited participants to exchange ideas across subject boundaries.  Each Forum will address focused themes that help to map out this field.



One-day workshops will bring together ten to fifteen participants to share case studies which will supplement commissioned research into decision-making tools.


International Symposia

Two-day symposia will bring together international experts to present and respond to academic papers.


International Conferences

A three-day 'International Conference on Responsible Decision-Making' is proposed.  Academic papers will be presented, together with symposium and workshop findings.  Recent and forthcoming CGL publications will be featured.


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