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Specialist knowledge about decision-making will be brought together from across the disciplines through events and research.  It will be disseminated in different formats to meet the needs of both the academic community and target audiences through pilot projects.


Peer-reviewed Articles

Papers delivered at CGL events will encourage the production of peer-reviewed journal articles that pursue specific lines of enquiry developed under the project.


Academic Books

Cambridge Governance Labs will generate one or more edited thematic collections of essays that contribute to a deeper understanding of decision-making and how it can be enhanced.  Essays will be contributed by CGL project researchers and by event participants.



Handbooks for Decision-makers

Practical handbooks will be produced to assist and guide public decision-makers in carrying out their duties for the benefit of society. The handbooks will present thematically organised tools, each of which illuminates one aspect of decision-making.  Manuals will be made available worldwide as free downloadable e-books and at cost as print-on-demand paperbacks.


Modules for Training Programmes

The practical tools developed through CGL activities will be disseminated in the form of training modules designed for strategic target audiences reached through pilot projects conducted in Africa and through online written and multimedia materials.



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