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Dr John Barker

John Barker is a Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law and a Law Fellow at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge.  A recently retired judicial officer with professional experience in Africa spanning 30 years, he has worked with governments, international development agencies and non-governmental organisations on the promotion of good governance and the rule of law.  Over the course of his career John has worked in public, private, charity and educational sectors, and advised the UNDP, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Commission, CIDA and DFID on human rights and transitional justice.

As a former Coordinator of the Governance Education Network, he has worked with a coalition of governance experts to enhance development objectives through the wider application of governance principles.  With a background in the physical sciences as well as social sciences, John has a particular interest in the use of emerging technologies to map human experience and redirect international inquiry and investment of development resources.  He seeks to promote a more integrated, broad-spectrum understanding of decision-making to impact the lives of citizens in developing countries.

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Events and Publications Co-ordinator

Mrs Dona McCullagh

With a degree in Classics from St John’s College, Cambridge, Dona McCullagh has developed a wide range of expertise in graphic design, media communications and event & publications management.

Dona has a portfolio career which includes a role as part-time Communications Officer at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. She has also worked for the publishers Grove Books Ltd, where she provided proofreading, copy-editing and typesetting for over 100 publications. As former Assistant to the theologian Professor Jeremy Begbie, she has managed a variety of multidisciplinary events, including an academic and artistic collaboration between Duke Divinity School, North Carolina, and the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University as well as musical events at King's College Chapel, Cambridge.

A churchwarden for her local parish church, Dona also serves on the Ely Diocesan Communications Advisory Group and is a member of Ely Diocesan and Bourn Deanery Synods.

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Research and Advisory Support

Cambridge Governance Labs has had the benefit of research and advisory support on a volunteer and part-time basis. We are indebted not only to our Steering Committee, Advisory Board and Expert Panel but also to Robin Pirrie, Stefano Gortana and Lucia Retter for the skills and experience they have contributed. 



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