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Transforming decision-making


Good governance depends on good decisions

Cambridge Governance Labs is an interdisciplinary initiative at the University of Cambridge which seeks to reduce decision-making risk by translating knowledge and lessons about decision-making into practical tools for citizens and those who exercise authority on their behalf.

Left Photo: UN Photo - Milton Grant  Right Photo: U.S. Department of State

Our aim is to empower citizens and leaders to meet the challenges and existential risks facing society, especially in developing countries where populations live closer to the edge and day-to-day decisions have greater impact.

Through international cross-disciplinary events we bring together academics and practitioners from across the University of Cambridge and beyond.  In this crucible we distil cutting-edge research that sheds light on how to improve the quality of decisions that will shape the future of humankind. 

Findings are translated into practical tools to be tested in pilot projects and made freely available online and through publications.



Cambridge Governance Labs is hosted at Hughes Hall (Registered Charity No. 1137471), a graduate College of the University of Cambridge.



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